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Canadian Artists: Limited Editions
  • Painting, Photography & Digital Art
  • Limited Editions of 25 - 250
    500+ Museum Quality / Archival
  • 75 Selected Open Editions
  • Acid-Free Fine Art Canvas/Paper
  • Archival Pigment Ink
  • Canvas Scrolls Unique to Mima
  • Laserjet on Aluminum [Weatherproof]
  • Custom Sizing Available
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Featured Artist: Ken Kirkby

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"Ken Kirkby's story is of an artist who entered the world of the Inuit and was transformed by the experience. In March of 1992 he unveiled his painting, Isumataq, in Parliament, a moment that brought 301 MPs to their feet. ...Goody Niosi captures the remarkable story of Kirkby's life with the Inuit. ...the overwhelming beauty of the northern lights, the pain of snow blindness, the danger of the hunt for food and most of all the transformation that allowed him "to walk through a golden door" and become part of a culture very different from our own..." - Thora Howell

Ken Kirkby: A Painter's Quest for Canada remains Libros Libertad's bestselling book even in its 3rd printing!

Ken Kirkby: Limited Editions, Exclusively by Mima

"Ken Kirkby is a Canadian original. ...Now living in a sea side cottage on Vancouver Island, he has turned his eye to the windswept landscape of the West Coast for inspiration. An outspoken champion of conservation, he uses his art both to reflect and preserve the natural beauty of the world." Mark Hume, author of River of the Angry Moon and National Correspondent for The Globe and Mail
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